Vacation Pics 2001

Custer Sneeze.tif (431136 bytes)

People told us that Custer's Last Stand was nothing to sneeze at, yet Kenny proves them wrong!


DevilsTower.tif (295404 bytes)

Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Fascinating!!!

(Have you seen the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" ?)


Nick n Bea at Badlands.tif (739452 bytes)

Nick & Bea in the Badlands. Really! It was like this when we got here!


Family at Niagara.tif (486450 bytes)

Niagara Falls - Sorry, no honeymoon on this visit!


Tom Bea Rosella.tif (373404 bytes)

Bea with her brother Tom and Aunt Rosella in N.Y.


Gettysburg battle.tif (605316 bytes)

We were treated to a mock battle at Gettysburg. The South won!


Nick n Bea at DC Capitol.tif (749902 bytes)

We made it to Washington D.C. safe and sound


Kenny n Peter with Abe.tif (294746 bytes)

Kenny & Peter learn a few things from Honest Abe


Nick n Bea at Atlantic Ocean.tif (385914 bytes)

We have arrived at the right coast.
Hmmm, looks a lot like the left coast.


Boys at Arch.tif (296742 bytes)

Back across the Mississippi River at the St. Louis Arch


Richards.tif (1964410 bytes)

A rest stop with the Hughes family near Kansas City Missouri


Richards2.tif (598762 bytes) Bea and her brother Richard


MesaVerda4.tif (1661194 bytes)

Indian cliff dwellings in Grand Mesa Colorado


Colorado1.tif (1756630 bytes)

The "fall colors" in the Colorado mountains


ArchesNick&Peter.tif (1201826 bytes)

Some natural arches in, where else,
Arches National Park, Utah

These are just a small sampling of the wonderful sights and wonderful family we visited on our vacation. It was the trip of a lifetime!