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The world is becoming overpopulated - or is it?

Let's look at some facts and figures . . .

In the 2000 U.S. Census, San Francisco County ranked number 5th with a population density of 25.62 people per acre.

New York County (which contains Manhattan) had the highest population density with a calculated 104.218 persons per acre.

World Population Growth

World population is currently (2004) just over 6 billion and when growth is charted through the years, is pretty much a straight line rather than an increasing curve.

The state of Texas contains 261,914 square miles of actual land areas which equals just over 167,600,000 acres.

If the entire world population moved to the state of Texas, the population density would be 35.8 people per acre - a bit higher than San Francisco County but far less dense than New York County.

Conclusion. The world is not overpopulated nor even anywhere close to it. Rather, the population is poorly distributed and because of personal, corporate and governmental greed (in all countries) much of the world's population lives in poverty and under the threat of war and violence.

BUT WAIT! What about providing food, housing, clean water and sanitation for all these people?

Solutions exist today, but my last statement stands. World greed keeps millions living (and dying) in poverty conditions.